xp netwrok cable unplugged

  graham pugh 15:29 22 Aug 06

Hi, Trying to set up a network between a back room pc (XP Home) and a touch screen till running (XP Home).

The LAN connection in Networks is saying that the cable is unplugged. Both PCMIA's say they are working correctly and I have an RJ45 Crossover connecting the two.

I have turned off windows firewall and turned on file sharing. The cable is new and the connection seems fine.


  Stuartli 15:42 22 Aug 06

I thought a touch screen till was for shops, clubs etc...:-)

  skell 16:12 22 Aug 06

Im not 100% sure, no doubt some one will correct me or better still point you to the right solution if im wrong, but my guess is It might not be as simple as plug and play, you may need a special programe so your till will comunicate with your pc. or, you might need to access you tills menu to allow it to communicate with the pc.

Whats the make and model of the till? you could contact the manufactuer and ask them. you might be luck and they'll sort you out over the phone.

  ade.h 16:41 22 Aug 06

If the connection actually appears to work, then just turn off balloon notifications. If it doesn't work, then that's another matter altogether.

  graham pugh 17:08 22 Aug 06

The connection doesn't work at all.

I've been through the set up wizard on both the till (IBM SurePOS 500) and my PC and both times you get to the choose type of connection screen it says the ethernet cable is not connected.

I have been into device manager and both the slots are working according to the manager.

I thought XP was plug n play between two pc's with a crossover?

  skell 17:25 22 Aug 06
  ade.h 18:05 22 Aug 06

What did you mean when you said that the connection seems fine? I assumed that it worked.

"I thought XP was plug n play between two pc's with a crossover?"

It is, by and large. Some people like to use the network wizard, but there's not much to do really.

  graham pugh 18:11 22 Aug 06

Sorry, I meant that physically the connection seems fine, not that it was showing a connection in My Network Places.

I'm going to try a new cable tomorrow and see if that helps.

Any thoughts would be appreciated though.


  ade.h 18:24 22 Aug 06

Are the LAN ports/adapters installed normally? Always worth checking.

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