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  the kopite 03:36 15 Apr 04

Hi Guys As the world knows I recently installed win xp but when I am not using the computer the xp logo keeps coming up and spoiling my screensaver best way to stop it please thanks Kopite

  Gaz 25 03:42 15 Apr 04

That you wish not to have a screensaver on your desktop?

Follow this information to see if it resolves the problem you are having with Windows XP.

1) Right click on the desktop

2) Properties

3) Screensaver tab

4) Select NONE from drop down menu.

5) Click Ok.

Is your problem solved? If not please post back.

  the kopite 03:56 15 Apr 04

Gaz25 No mate my screensaver is a personal photo from my digital camera but if I am not using the comp after about 10 minuets the xp loco appears its that I wish to get rid of Kopite

  crx1600 04:12 15 Apr 04

it does sound like there may be some confusion,

a 'screensaver' is an image that loads after a period of inactivity, and it replaces your desktop background,

as far as im aware a screensaver file is either an .exe file or a .scr file, it couldn't be replaced with a photo.

follow the advice already given to disable the 'screensaver', i'm guessing your 'personal photo' is the desktop background.

  Gaz 25 04:14 15 Apr 04


A screensaver is a moving animation that is inducted after a period of time of inactivity to save screenlife.

However a wallpaper, is a desktop background that is displayed constantly as the background behind your icons on the desktop.


I assme the picture is a wallpaper, and after 10mins the windows XP default screensaver appears with the XP logo.


Thus following the previous instructions will resolve your problem.

If you still have the same problem?

You should post back and I will do my best to answer your query.

  crx1600 04:16 15 Apr 04

sorry for jumping in Gaz 25, i thought you had gone offline.

  Gaz 25 04:21 15 Apr 04

No probs! I dont mind at all.

I probably was browsing another area of the forum.


  crx1600 04:43 15 Apr 04

"A screensaver is a moving animation that is inducted after a period of time of inactivity to save screenlife."

i was gonna post that, but then realised that the standard XP screensaver (like The Kopite see's) is just a still image of the XP logo.

but the idea behind the screensaver is to have a moving image, as a still image over a length of time could damage a CRT screen, which makes the XP screensaver even more pointless!

  crx1600 04:47 15 Apr 04

oops, i've just tried it, and the XP logo hops around the screen after about 10 seconds.

perhaps i should of tried it first, nevermind.

  Gaz 25 05:11 15 Apr 04

Yes, the Windows XP logo does move.

  the kopite 07:20 15 Apr 04

You are all correct Guys it is wallpaper my mistake thanks

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