XP key

  sean-278262 17:24 08 May 05

My computers windows key says the following,

"Windows xp professional 1-2cpu"

What does this mean as all my others just simply say

OEM or XP ... none of this 1-2cpu lark, anyone with some enlightenment?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:28 08 May 05

Is your XP home version?

Professional versions, like Win2k, come in various flavours - they run on different hardware.

  timeteam2004 17:38 08 May 05

1-2CPU refers to one PC with 1 or 2 processors fitted.

Here's part of the OEM Licence:

1. GRANT OF LICENSE. Manufacturer grants you the following
rights, provided you comply with all of the terms and
conditions of this EULA:

* Installation and Use. Except as otherwise expressly
provided in this EULA, you may install, use, access,
display and run only one (1) copy of the SOFTWARE on
the COMPUTER. The SOFTWARE may not
be used by more than two (2) processors at any one time
on the COMPUTER, unless a higher number is indicated
on the Certificate of Authenticity. You may permit a
maximum of ten (10) ("Connection Maximum") computers
or other electronic devices (each a "Device") to connect
to the COMPUTER to utilize the services of the SOFTWARE

  sean-278262 18:16 08 May 05

Ok thanks for that, was just a bit confused as I have never experienced this "flavour" of licence key.

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