XP Installed on Same Partition, How To Boot?

  wednesday 13 13 Jul 12

Hi, I have encountered a really strange problem. I attempted to install Windows XP on a seperate partition to dual boot with Windows 7. I know how to repair the windows 7 boot system and add xp to it, however Windows XP installed itself into the same partition as Windows 7, both are working, but I can't get both to dual boot with repairing each individual OS each time.

I initially created a new partitio on my second hard drive to install XP on, however it only showed up the whole hard drives and wouldnt let me do anything with the partitions, so I just set it to install on the second HDD without deleting files, so created the folder to install in. When it booted from installation, I realised it had done so in the same partition as Windows 7, which I know I didn't selecet because of the large difference in HDD sizes.

So I repaired Windows 7 and got that running and tried getting XP to boot using easyBCD, however it doesn't recognise the OS anywhere, and there's no option to select an actual file path the the XP folder.

Could there be an issue with the ACHI mode on my Hard Drives, which I know I have to disable for XP to work, but have to re-enable to get 7 to load, but surely XP would still be recognised in 7. Is there anyway that anyone know to get them both dual booting? I have tried searching the internet but everyone seems to just resolve things with easyBCD

  wednesday 13 16 Jul 12

IS there a way to move the XP folder to another drive so that maybe easyBCD would find it?

  lotvic 17 Jul 12

For future stability of system, I'd be inclined to start again and install XP on separate partition which is what you wanted to do in first place.

  robin_x 17 Jul 12

Dunno if the sevenforums guide is useful.

I'd also be inclined to start again if you remain stuck.


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