XP home to XP Pro

  pritchthestitch 17:14 16 Oct 08

I have XP home installed and I now have a full copy of XP Pro (with key). Is it easy to upgrade or do I have to uninstall and start again?

  iqs 17:23 16 Oct 08

If memory serves,when you insert the XP Pro disc you should have the option to upgrade,its been a while so don't quote me.

Personally I would back up all data and action a clean install.

  T I M B O 17:49 16 Oct 08

When you install ur new copy of pro, you will have to delete the partition then format to NTFS and then install windows, this will of course remove all ur data from the hard drive, so if you have an external hard drive then be sure to back up all ur data 1st

  cream. 17:56 16 Oct 08

Boot to windows home desktop. Insert windows pro disk. Select upgrade from the drop down menu.

It will save all your files and load XP pro.

  MarvintheAndroid 19:19 16 Oct 08

You may have to run service packs again - unless the version you have includes them.

"It will save all your files" - what cream means is that it will backup any files that are changed so you can undo, which is not quite the same as saving all your files. I recommend back up your system first.


  Strawballs 22:14 16 Oct 08

What do you use the PC for? is it worth the hassle to upgrade to Pro? I have both versions at home and home will do anything I want.

  ambra4 23:11 16 Oct 08

Take a read about “The Primary Difference Between XP Pro and XP Home”

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To install XP Pro insert xp pro disk into drive; select upgrade from the drop down menu.

All files and programs will be saved, once upgrade is completed check what service pack

version if SP1 or SP2 download and install SP3 it will save you having to download the

100 plus fixes and patches

  T I M B O 23:30 16 Oct 08

To be totally honest, with all the hastle, stick with home wdition.

  pritchthestitch 13:52 17 Oct 08

I am trying to do some networking with another PC (which has XPPro on it) I was under the impression that Pro is better in this. Although I wonder whether it is worth it from some of the posts (for which I thank you).

  ventanas 14:13 17 Oct 08

Home will not join to a Domain, but it's just a simple network you're after it isn't really worth the hassle to replace it.

  MarvintheAndroid 18:33 17 Oct 08

As long as you are only using simple file sharing, XP Home will be fine. If you want more control over permissions and security settings, Pro is the way to go.


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