XP Home Sp3

  sinbads 20:55 04 Feb 08

Would like some feedback regarding possible problems or issues after installing this update.Also if the update is not compatible for any reason is it easy to rollback to SP2 (System restore point would be made prior to install).

This is not for me as i run vista(unfortunately);but for my brother who lives out in the sticks with no internet just sheep.He has both a laptop and base units both with SP2,, i am posting him a copy of SP3 with basic instalation guides. your comments on any additional information he may need would be appreciated.


  powerless 20:59 04 Feb 08

Don't do anything.

SP3 is not final.

  Technotiger 21:05 04 Feb 08

Several of the regular members here, including myself, have installed SP3, no problems whatsoever and a couple of little extras gained.

  MAT ALAN 21:11 04 Feb 08

click here

considering what the four new features are i don't think i will be downloading it...

  sinbads 22:25 04 Feb 08

Understand its not the final ;however my bro still wants to install it, seems to be different veiws , the impression i get is it improved xp considerably not really followed it; but need to pass on any potential probs he may encountr.


  Technotiger 23:06 04 Feb 08
  Stuartli 23:20 04 Feb 08

I've had absolutely no problems since installing SP3 Beta on my XP Pro system - I did a before and after backup, the latter after a defrag.

It's almost a month now and it's still all sweetness and light...:-)

However, if you wish, you can uninstall SP3 from Add/Remove Programs.

  sinbads 23:56 04 Feb 08

Thanks guy's I'll pass on the pro's and con's, I feel sure he'll be ok providing he makes a backup.

Since SP3 contains Sp1 and SP2 updates he'll probably benifit since i'm sure he'll be missing quite a few of MS updates due to the lack of an internet connection

  sunny staines 01:00 05 Feb 08

sp3 beta ok here

to delete its listed in add/remove in contol panel

you will have to delete anyway to install final version.

a revised updated beta came out over a week ago but thats not gone public.

  sinbads 09:21 05 Feb 08

thanks the version i will be sending is the latest one.

  cocteau48 10:20 05 Feb 08

Personally I would wait and let Microsoft decide which bits of SP3 are applicable to your system - via the normal update procedure.
You probably do not need much of what is in the total beta package and installing all may start to throw up errors in your event viewer.

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