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XP Home Screensaver

  goodyearmark 01:27 10 Aug 04

I am running XP Home with several users setup. Is there any way I can change the first sreensaver. That is the one that comes up from the user login screen


  the kopite 07:20 10 Aug 04

Click on a empty space on your desktop click properties change it there

  rawprawn 09:04 10 Aug 04

Do you really mean screensaver or do you mean Desktop, which is what comes up after log on (And stays there) If youn mean desktop do exactly as the kopite says but when properties comes on screen click on the desktop tab not the screensaver tab.

  goodyearmark 09:16 10 Aug 04

Thanks kopite but thats not the screensaver I am trying to change. It's the Windows logo screensaver that comes on when all users are logged off and the user list logon screen is showing. I assume it is a screensaver !!! It may be part of the power management system. I want to put a message on to remind all users to log on using their own ID

  Jada 09:23 10 Aug 04

You can replace the photos for each user to one standard photo or message which reads something like 'USE OWN ID',they will still know which is their icon as their name will still be next to it. I do not think you can change the screen as such.

Hope that makes sense.


  rawprawn 09:51 10 Aug 04

You are talking about the Log On Screen, It can be changed but as far as I know you can only change it to another log on screen and it is not an easy move. However I don't think that you can add text or any messages what ever you do. I changed my log on screen but I cheated and used a program called Tune up Utilities. If you really want to be brave I have the instructions to do it through changing the registry

  goodyearmark 11:22 10 Aug 04

I am not talking about the logon screen itself. If all users are logged off the logon screen is displayed. After a set time it appears to go to a windows logo screen (as in a screensaver) When you move the mouse the logon screensaver reappears (asif a screensaver) The windows logo screen is the one I want to change. I am not rebooting. The computer is just waitng for someone to logon.

  Djohn 11:37 10 Aug 04

Yes, you do mean the screen saver. Right click your mouse on the desktop and choose properties/screen saver tab and choose a new one from there. If you choose the "scrolling marquee" you can click on the "settings" and place your own text in there with any message you wish.

  rawprawn 12:54 10 Aug 04

Now I understand, sorry got the wrong end of the stick.

  goodyearmark 15:18 10 Aug 04

The screensaver I set up on my desktop does not apply when the computer ia at the logon screen. The Windows XP Home logo screensaver comes on. It appears to be asociated with the power settings in the properties, but Idon't know how to change it.

  Djohn 18:23 10 Aug 04

If there is more than one user of your PC with their own accounts then you will have the log-on screen showing when all users are logged off but the PC is not shut down. After a short while the windows screen saver will come on, the timing of this can be altered from 1 minute to several hours or turned off if required.

If it is this screen saver you mean then it can be altered from the settings as in my post above at 11:37. If you mean the log-on screen display then I'm not sure how to alter the picture of that.

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