XP Home re-activation

  Stoko 02 May 11

2 days ago I received a message on logon " Due to significant hardware changes you need to re-activate XP home". The last h/w change I did was a new graphics card approx 3 years ago !! As I have nothing to hide I click on "Activate Now" the "Product activation" box opens but then hangs eventually going "Not responding". I've checked various forums and they mention using "Start,Programs,Accessories,System Tools" and run the "Actvation wizard" but it does not exist. I spoke with a Microsoft person on the activation line but she said the only option was to re-install XP. However she could not tell me why I had been told to reactivate even though no h/w changes have been made in the last 3 years. My copy is legal and I run auto updates having been through the Windows Genuine validation process. Any suggestion guys or will I have to do a complete re-install of XP ?

  Sea Urchin 02 May 11

Activate Windows should be top of the list under System Tools

click here

  Stoko 02 May 11

Hi Sea Urchin,

As already mentioned for some reason or corruption "Activate Windows" does not appear in my System Tools. I've tried "Start,Run typing "oobe/msoobe /a" but this has the same result "Product Activation" box open but hangs eventually going "Not Responding"

  Strawballs 02 May 11

As you have made no changes this sounds more like a virus!

  bremner 02 May 11

Have you tried a system restore back to a date before the problem occurred?

  Stoko 02 May 11

Hi Bremner,

Yes, tried system restore but i still get the re-activate message, now only 1 day left to activate.

  wee eddie 02 May 11

Stoko: Same happened to me, I hope that it wasn't malware or I'm in trouble.

  bremner 02 May 11

Try the second option on this Activation

  onthelimit1 02 May 11

Interesting - mate rang me this morning to say his XP was telling him he has 30 days left to activate. Nothing has been done to the machine since new (4yrs ago)and auto updates has been working normally. What's going on with MS?

  robin_x 02 May 11

Repair Install before Full re-install?

How to...

  onthelimit1 02 May 11

I agree it's worth a try Robin, but there can be difficulties with that as we discused in my other thread. Anyway, why should it be necessary when nothing has been done to the PCs?


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