XP Home and Norton Antivirus 2005 and no POP3

  NikolaiVronsky 15:57 25 Sep 05

Just installed a new Dell PC for a friend.

Problem is that, while Webmail works okay into Blueyonder, MS Outlook Express cannot connect to the POP3 and SMTP servers. I have to remove Antivirus totally from the PC for Outlook Express to work. Can't just disable the antivirus and firewall as problem persists.

Coincidentally I have a similar problem on my own XP Home System, where I have had to remove Personal Firewall 2005 from the system because it stops Internet [Tiscali] access of any sort. Yet the firewall worked fine until a week or so ago.

Have Symantec or Microsoft sent any duff updates recently?

Any and all help gratefully received!

  GaT7 16:08 25 Sep 05

If it's NORTON: AV, Internet Security & Pers. Firewall see 'Cannot send or receive email with regular email such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express...' click here. G

  NikolaiVronsky 16:48 25 Sep 05

Many thanks for the reference. I'll check whether the solution[s] work for either or both systems, and report back.

  NikolaiVronsky 19:38 25 Sep 05

The link and downloaded patch has solved the problem I had where I had to remove Norton Firewall 2005 because it blocked ALL access to the Internet. Just downloaded the patch [and some other updates], installed it, then did a clean re-install of the firewall.

Thanks! will report on my friend's system in due course.

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