XP Home New External Drive, cannot partition

  anniesboy68 17:21 02 Sep 04

Just bought a new external drive. However within disk mamagement the facility to create a partition by right clicking the mouse is not available. Various functions appear [properties, help, remove partition] are there but not create. Can anyone help on this, please.

  cream. 18:20 02 Sep 04

As it is a new drive, you should not have anything important on the drive.

Right click the drive and pick remove partition. This will warn you that you will loose everything.

The drive should now say "unallocated"

Now right click the drive again, you should have 3 options.
New partition, properties and help.

Pick the new partition, this will start the wizard. Don't forget to format the new partitions and make one active.

  anniesboy68 18:36 02 Sep 04

the village idiot....thanks will try that.

  anniesboy68 19:46 02 Sep 04

the village idiot...Thanks, mate all done now!!!!

  cream. 19:56 02 Sep 04

Thanks for the thanks. lol

Glad to have helped.

  anniesboy68 14:59 12 Sep 04

Going on from here, I am using the usb 2 connection, but it has firewire also, four and six pole connections. Would firewire be quicker do you think as with usb there seems to be some minor problems transfering files?.

  cream. 20:24 12 Sep 04

USB 2.0 has three speeds Hi-Speed, Full-Speed and Low-Speed.

High speed should start at ( up to ) 480 Mbps, initial burst rate, then gradually drop.

Firewire transfers up to 400Mbps. This speed will also drop after the initial burst.

The decrease in transfer rate is caused by the bottleneck in the PC. An ATA133 hard drive will only transfer at the rate of 40 to 50 Mbps after the initial cache burst rate. This is why the usb 2.0 drive will start fast and slow down to a lower rate. The same goes for files transferd from cdr's or cdw's

I cannot see if you would get a better rate from firewire. The only other thing you could check, is your harddrive high speed. If you could let us know what make and model it is, then someone may be able to check for you.

It takes me about a minute to transfer a gig from the harddrive to a usb 2.0 exterior drive.

  anniesboy68 14:50 15 Sep 04

Thanks VI. I'm not proceeding any further with this, I tried my D drive [partition off main drive] but it's no faster, Iv'e gone back to C Drive. However, I do have a manual on the existing hard drive and will post info in due course, perhaps. Tks again PS I'm using the firewire with the external drive. AB68

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