XP has been incorrectly installed to H

  popgeorge 07:55 28 Sep 04

I have a dual boot set-up with "0" drive 80 gb installed with Me in partition C and "!" drive 40 gb with XP Home ed, originally on partition D ntfs.. I tried to resize the D partition using a free copy of Partition Commander, to later find that this should not have been used.

I carried out a format of the ntfs using Partition commander and then tried a repair installation using XP home OS disk. For some reason it installed itself and allocated H as its partition letter. This has caused no end of problems, and I have tried to change the letter to D but the disk manager will not allow it.

A second problem is that I tried to install Zone Alarm, which tried to load and then found there where missing files and now seems to be denying me access to the internet.

Can anyone help before I manage to screw up Me.

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