XP hangs on startup

  grahams49 15:24 20 Dec 04

On friday, my laptop, Presario 2500, hung halfway through startup. Tried safe mode etc and it showed drivers loading and then just stopped. No way fwd I could find. Tried an XP repair but the installer would only do a complete XP install.
In the end I did a complete rebuild from scratch.

Someting similar happened a month ago, XP oaded tot he users screen and then froze - no mouse - no C,A, D - nothing. That time XP would repair but still ended with problems so had to do a clean install.

Seems like some of the OS files are getting corrupted? But could it be a disk hardware problem?

I guess it's going to happen again - too much co incidence - so the question is how can I find the reason. Ran for the previous 15 months without a flicker - no significan S/w changes - no warnings etc - or is there anything I could have done at the time to recover without a day of rebuilding.

  slimbo51 15:27 20 Dec 04

Wat does ""oaded tot he users"" mean...?

  grahams49 15:32 20 Dec 04

Slimbo - Means I can't type!!

What happened was XP loaded normally until it got the the screen which shows all the usernames and asks for a password.

  Newuser2346 15:39 20 Dec 04

Not loaded XP SP2 recently have you?

  grahams49 15:44 20 Dec 04

Yes I have put SP2 on - but it ran OK for several weeks before the first problem and then for a month or so before the second one. Any other experience of SP2 causing XP to hang?

  curlylad 15:48 20 Dec 04

Trouble shooting sites , microsoft click here and also try this one click here

  Newuser2346 16:00 20 Dec 04

You betcher. SP2 is a must have if the system will take it. I have come across several systems where the only answer so far is a complete reinstall of XP SP1 and leave it at that. There are many sites and forums out there to help (see above thread) - a bios update is one road I have not tried yet. Has anyone else?

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