Xp to floppy

  dsilvers 13:34 30 Jun 04

I have a notebook with a toasted rom drive, it doesn't seem to wanna work all the time. Question is, i know theyt had older versions or windows on floppy disk, is it possible to put a newer version of a windows op on floppy disk, is there a program out there that will break it down, so i can get this this thing running again. Any help is great. Thanks

  stlucia 13:48 30 Jun 04

Why do you need to reinstall XP? Is that the reason the CD drive is not working? If so, you can start the machine using a boot floppy.

  Stuartli 13:52 30 Jun 04

If it was feasible, it would take dozens of floppies to do so, but you infer that the notebook is working otherwise (i.e...a notebook with a toasted rom drive, it doesn't seem to wanna work all the time....).

Have you fully checked out the CD-ROM drive in Device Manager?

An alternative is to buy or borrow an external drive and try that.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:51 02 Sep 04

beleive it or not you can get windows xp on floppy - 56 disks for an upgrade 58 disks for a full version.i am unsure where i have seeen it but there is definately some out there.alternatively you could use file splitter 1.3 and split the windows xp cab. files up and then you copy the cabs (broken down) into a folder and then restruct the cabs and you should be able to install!.hope this helps?

  Cyclone 19:24 02 Sep 04

Have you tried deleting the drivers and then letting XP find the drive again?

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