XP File Transfer - Direct Cable Connection

  iced_ms 11:46 09 Aug 04

Hi peps

Looking for help with a direct cable connection between my old computer running windows 98se and my new computer with XP.
I bought the cable cause it sounded like the easiest and cheapest option to transfer stuff from the old computer to the new one but things are never as easy as they first appear.
I am tryin to connect via a serial port.
I have searched the net and found lots of various information, tried much of it and ended up not being able to get on the net this morning so did a system restore to before i started trying to set up the cable connection.
Any help of pointing in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

iced :)

  LastChip 12:34 09 Aug 04

XP needs a set-up similar to a modem in order to make direct connection available. click here for a fairly straightforward explanation with screen shots.

The most important part, is NOT to let Windows find a modem. Make sure the box is ticked that says "Don't detect....." Then you can select the Direct Cable connection from the list.

If you use my supplied link, click on the bottom of each page to continue the operation, to set-up the protocols etc.

I suspect the reason you lost your Internet connection, is the system tried to auto detect a modem and got confused, OR, you inadvertently selected your "Direct Cable Connection" as the default modem.

  LastChip 12:49 09 Aug 04

click here for the screen shots for setting up 98se.

  iced_ms 13:29 09 Aug 04

Thanks for that LastChip will give it a go and see what happens.
I'll let you know it all goes well...


  iced_ms 13:39 09 Aug 04

Hi LastChip

I'm a bit confused....
I followed the information on the first link and have done that but not sure about what the second link is about.
Is that to set it up in for the Win 98 OS?

ahma :)

  LastChip 14:19 09 Aug 04

Second link for 98se.

  iced_ms 17:07 09 Aug 04

but unfortunatley it is still not working.
I did find the pages on the net before but ended up in the same place in Network Connections it still shows as No Clients Connected

I downloaded the utility to check DCC but it will only work on the Win 98 Computer. When i listen on that computer it asks is the guest connected but there is not option to listen on the XP computer

I'm really confused :)

  LastChip 17:28 09 Aug 04

On the XP machine, did you tick the boxes for at least TCP/IP Protocol and File and Printer Sharing?

Did you specify an IP Address, for example and if you manually set it, is the address different on both machines?

Do you have a Firewall activated? If so, disable it until you have solved this problem.

  iced_ms 18:02 09 Aug 04

I have tcp/ip on the xp machine when i set up file and printer sharing it brought in NWLink component.

I don't think i'v put an IP address on the XP machine but i did on the win 98. I used the IP address from one of the pages you pointed me to. How do i put the IP address in on the XP manchine?

This is driving me bonkers. I thought buying the cable would have been easier then puttin the old hard drive in the new computer because of the fat/ntfs issues......... i was wrong there wasn't i!

  woodchip 18:37 09 Aug 04

Well this is what I use and it works a USB link cable with drivers and software no messing with network protocols. Just double click ICON on both computer Desktops and One is Local and other Remote works a treat. Just drag and drop in a Explorer like interface split in two

  woodchip 18:46 09 Aug 04

click here £18 look at the flashing new sign. And only £6 on hear click here

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