XP drive in Vista laptop blue screens

  Flopper 12:14 15 Jun 09

I put a working ghost of my normal XP (SP3) HDD into a laptop which came shipped with Vista Home Edition and just before the Windows log-in screen it blue screens. The ghost also works in the laptop it was ghosted from.
I understand this may be a hardware driver issue or something else but is there an easy workround for this.
Vista is OK but even with 4GB of RAM it seems a tad slow.

  mgmcc 13:25 15 Jun 09

If you have taken what is presumably a Norton Ghost image file from one computer and restored it to a different computer, it is extremely unlikely to boot unless the computers' hardware is identical. Even then it will "find new hardware" and probably have to install drivers before running properly. Product Activation is another matter!

With different hardware, the Windows installation will be totally wrong for running in the second computer. XP will almost certainly need to be reinstalled from the CD.

  Flopper 13:49 15 Jun 09

Presumably I can check what hardware is on the Vista laptop and install those drivers on my XP ghost image?

  mgmcc 22:10 15 Jun 09

Basically, you cannot transfer the Windows installation from one computer to another. The entire hardware configuration will be different, the registry entries will be different and it just doesn't work.

VERY EXCEPTIONALLY, Windows has managed to boot from a transplanted drive, found new hardware and installed the necessary drivers. Your experience with blue screening suggests that this isn't going to happen. There is no simple workaround and, if you want to run XP, you'll need to install it from an installation CD.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:21 16 Jun 09

1. As stated above incompaible hardware drivers.

2. The license agrrement is invalid if you are using on another machine. If full retail copy of XP then license is transferable and XP will need to be reactivated on new machine.

3. Boot with XP CD in the dive and perform a repair install to get XP to run on the new machine it will replace the drivers.

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