XP deleting files

Even if I delete and empty folder or small file windows sits there (with the disc whirring round) for about 30secs doing this. It never used to be like that. Anyone know why?

  johndrew 10:04 15 Jul 08

Are you trying to delete a protected or Windows generated file? You will not be able to delete the latter as it forms part of Windows itself.

If the file is protected (Right click and look at attributes) i.e. Read Only you may not be able to delete it unless you change attributes or are logged on with the correct privileges. Also if the file is in use it will resist deletion. You could try Unlocker click here but make certain you don`t need the contents.

It does delete it, just takes a long time!

  peter99co 14:31 15 Jul 08

Have you checked if your machine needs to be defragged?

  ronalddonald 16:03 15 Jul 08

system restore after defrg, if u got a restore point.

Could also try windows repair using instal disc, and reinstal with reinstal (reformat) make sure you back up all personal files on pen drive b4 you decide which option

  wee eddie 18:30 15 Jul 08

How full is your Drive?

Some things to do before you try to delete anything else.

Clear the Temporary Internet Files, Empty the Recycle bin.

Use the 'Search' Box in the Start Folder to find all the *.tmp files and delete them, 10 at a time. The reason for the '10 at a time' is is that some may in use and not want to delete. Just ignore them and carry on until you've cleared the rest.

As an aside ~ Could Files and Folders that you are trying to delete have anything to do with the operation of the PC.

  wee eddie 18:36 15 Jul 08

I hope that you're not trying to Delete Programs by 'Right Click ~ Delete'.

A Defrag after all that Deletion should speed your PC up, but using System Restore after that is absolutely pointless unless you have accidentally deleted something that stops the PC from starting.

There should be nothing in my instructions that put you in that position.

I've discovered that if I log in as admin (not my usual limited account I use for day to day) it's fast at deleting. So it must be something to do with being a limited account?

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