XP Crash/Reboot when connected to Internet

  CDL 11:59 27 Oct 05

I am running XP Pro SR2 fully updated. I have Norton 2003 AV fully updated and run regular anti

spyware and Trojan checks.

When connected to the internet my system can crash at random times - sometimes after 2 mins,

sometimes after 30 mins, sometimes never, in a session.

I get the classic blue screen which is impossible to read,then a restart. Following up the problem

via Event Viewer and MS knowledge base seems to indicate that I have a virus in the Windows

System 32 file - one of the .sys drivers. I have checked through the files and found nothing

unusual.Nor do virus scans find anything. I have not recently installed any new hardware or

altered drivers.I have installed a few applications but I am confident that these were OK.To be

sure I have uninstalled (problem still there) and reinstalled.
The event ref is 1001 Category 102. Prior to that I get an Information message ; SNMP Service has

started successfully. After I have a n Info message : The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck

(info saved in Minidump)

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  xania 12:37 27 Oct 05

You may well have a file corruption which looks like a virus but is not. SFC /scannow may find you problem or you can try booting from your install CD and letting that find and repair your damaged file(s).

  CDL 23:49 06 Nov 05

Thanks for the input xania but alas that didn't solve the problem.
So; I have had to resurect this posting in the hope that someone else has a suggestion !

Any ideas ?

  Splork 00:03 07 Nov 05

Try using a different browser and see if the same problem occurs;
Firefox click here

Opera click here

Check for possible memory problem; click here

  CDL 01:15 07 Nov 05

Thanks Splork. No,unfortunately the problem still occurs with different browsers. I'll run memtest tonight

  Splork 01:32 07 Nov 05

Do you run ADSL via a USB modem?

  CDL 12:00 07 Nov 05

No - can't get broadband unfortunately -dial up via internal modem.
Memtest ran through OK - no errors.

  Splork 12:14 07 Nov 05

You only get the problems while on the 'net? Have you left the machine running for a few hours to see if it crashes regardless ?

  xania 12:51 07 Nov 05

USB modem!! Are you using it via a hub. If so, avoid using te hub and see if that resolves the problem. Hubs are notorius for modem problems.

  CDL 15:48 07 Nov 05

I don't use a USB modem xania (see above).

Yes I have left the machine running overnight,(unconnected)and it's fine.

  Splork 16:23 07 Nov 05

Test it out with another modem if possible.

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