XP clock problem

  soulboy 15:54 PM 28 Oct 11

My XPSP3 clock won't keep time when switched off. I have tried resetting and changing which server it's supposed to use etc. but still I always seem to have travelled back to 2006 when I boot up. Cock everyuthing up and can't get into email etc. until clock has been corrected. I recently did a full format and reinstall on my C drive. As far as I know all the updates have been done.

  Graphicool1 15:57 PM 28 Oct 11

Sounds like it could be the Mobo battery?

  Graphicool1 16:01 PM 28 Oct 11

Look here...CLICK

  soulboy 16:08 PM 28 Oct 11

Right. I knew there is a battery on there. Cheers for your help. I think I might even have a spare one. Thanks a lot, guys.

  zarobian 16:09 PM 28 Oct 11

Change the CMOS battery. I think it is CR2032. Open up the case and you will find the type of the battry.

  soulboy 16:10 PM 28 Oct 11

It will be ok to use any battery that fits like a watch battery?

  zarobian 16:17 PM 28 Oct 11

No it should exectly be the same type as original.

  woodchip 19:07 PM 28 Oct 11

It could also be a Faulty BIOS chip as a Cmos Battery lasts for years if its not turned off at the Mains Plug


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