XP Backup Wizard

  iqs 14:47 06 Jun 08

Hello.I have just used XP Backup Wizard to back up the System State and action a complete backup of everything on a old PC I own.

I know how to restore the System State,but can anyone explain the procedure for the complete backup.I have a 3.8GB folder on the Pc.

Do I boot from the backup once it is burned to DVD,or do I install XP with the original disc,then use the complete backup.

Also,what is the routine with the Automated System Recovery Wizard,how does this work please.

Many thanks,IQS

  johndrew 15:32 06 Jun 08

This click here should answer all your questions and provide a bit more information as well.

  iqs 15:57 06 Jun 08

johndrew,cheers very helpful

  iqs 21:21 06 Jun 08


I have just completed a full backup using ASR.I have tried to burn the image to a DVD,but the image is to big,it is 6780MB,any ideas please???.Cheers

  iqs 13:14 07 Jun 08

sorry bump

  johndrew 14:32 07 Jun 08

I presume you ran a registry cleaner before the backup to get rid of the rubbish and I presume this is also only the Windows file - it seems a bit large.

If the image is that large, I think your best bet would be a separate HDD or, possibly, a double density DVD. I think it is already compressed so there is no point trying for more.

The only other option would be to try and break it down but I`m not sure that is possible.

  iqs 15:13 07 Jun 08

I selected,backup the complete PC,I assume this was the OS and all installed apps.

Should I of only selected the OS?,if yes then how?.But if this is correct,then the disc will contain the same data has the original XP disc?.

Thanks for the help,cheers

  johndrew 16:14 07 Jun 08

If you read the information in my original link click here one of the options is `Let me choose what to backup`. If you use this you will be able to make separate files of what is on your PC, these should be small enough to go on a DVD if you do it correctly. I would suggest that `Windows` is a separate file from `Programs`; where you put the smaller files is your choice, but use `Properties` to look at file sizes and you should be able to work it out.

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