xp back vista out

  hubdean 13:16 20 Jul 08

how can i get rid of VISTA and put back my windows xp.
i have a disk off my old computer.
windows xp home, advent computer
Vista is no good

Whats wrong with the vista program?
Also it depends if your system allows for rollback as mine does not.

  hubdean 14:02 20 Jul 08

canot role back vista is on computer

  woodchip 14:10 20 Jul 08

The XP CD is no good if its a oem that you got with other computer.

  hubdean 15:02 20 Jul 08

i new it
so im stuck with VISTA i think its crap
you dont have control over your computer.
lots of things missing replaced with things like sidebar.nvida

  Pine Man 16:15 20 Jul 08

'so im stuck with VISTA i think its crap'

Your opinion, but is it Vista that is c..p or your PC's ability to run it.

'you dont have control over your computer'

There are many ways of regaining the control that you think you need.

'lots of things missing replaced with things like sidebar.nvida'

Not aware of things actually missing but things may well have been added that you don't like/need.

Look for the good in this exercise. You say you are stuck with it so use this opportunity to try and get the best out of Vista. You might even get to like it;-)

  woodchip 17:08 20 Jul 08

I think he means what I think he means, things are hidden from meddling hands in Vista. Problem is finding where they have hidden everything. Like Run box for example

  Fingees 17:22 20 Jul 08

I have run Vista Home since it first came out.
Admittedly it was on a new computer I had built, but no way would I go back to XP.

Vista is far superior.

Most problems are because people are resistant to change.

I remember when XP came out, most people hated it.

Now it seems it's all they want..
All the best.

  hubdean 20:04 20 Jul 08

please tel me where is
place as desktop item

  hubdean 20:13 20 Jul 08

and no you wont find it
where is its replacement or where is it in sidebar.
as sidebar has replaced it,

  hubdean 20:17 20 Jul 08

lets see you tel me how to run a webcam live on your desktop. in full screen.
hows vista going to do that.
where is the controls i need to do it

There are many ways of regaining the control that you think you need.

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