XP, Auto Remind 2 create Restore Point before new install of app?

  myfoot 17:32 PM 20 Jun 11

Hi, am always forgetting to do this, create a restore point before I install a new app on pc. This week-end I was trying out a few dodgy apps, none of which eventually worked.

Would be nice to get a pop-up or the like to remind me to do this. Anybody know a way to get this to happen. Thanks

  robin_x 19:36 PM 20 Jun 11

You could put a shortcut to System Restore in your Startup folder. At least it will pop-up every time you boot.

Anything more complicated is beyond me.

  myfoot 08:16 AM 21 Jun 11

If anybody is interested I found this. It's VBS script. It will create a restore point giving you the option to name. I've put it in a folder on C:, created a shortcut on the desktop, and changed the icon to make it stand out more. I keep a fairly bare desktop so it stands out. This works for me in XP Pro sp3. Copy and paste this, omitting double-quote marks at start and end ""Set IRP = getobject("winmgmts:\.\root\default:Systemrestore")

strDescription = InputBox("Restore point description: ","My Restore Point")

MYRP = IRP.createrestorepoint (strDescription, 0, 100)""

Would still like to find a method that would automatically respond to new installs.

  myfoot 08:33 AM 21 Jun 11

Sorry forgot copy and paste to a new ".txt" file, then change the extension to".vbs" so you have something like "Create restore point.vbs" .


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