XP Activation after a year

  retroman 11:04 07 Jul 03

I have been using XP for about a year and obviously activated it within the 30 day limit. Now, a year or so on I am unable to use the PC as I get a pop up box telling me I must activate XP. I am aked whether I want to do it now, however, regardless of whether I choose yes or no, the machine says its logging off and returns to the pop up box. Does anyone know how to sort this out? I don't have an XP disc as the software was pre-installed.

If the software was preinstalled then you will have some sort of restore disk.

If you dont have a restore disk then you are stuck.

Where did you buy the PC from? I may be that there is a problem with the number of activations that have ocured with this particular copy.

When you are asked to activate, do you get the option to activate by telephone as well as over the net? If so, do so and speak to MS about your problem.

  retroman 11:48 07 Jul 03

I bought the PC from Mesh. I do have a recovery disk but I would rather avoid resetting everything if at all possible.

There is no phoneline option in the pop-up box.

I have been trying to get through to Mesh's software support line for a day and a half with no joy -'Award winning customer support' my arse!!

  AndySD 11:59 07 Jul 03

Try Microsoft..... UK Main Contact Number: 0870 60 10 100

  retroman 09:23 08 Jul 03

A call or 2 to Microsoft did the trick. I was very impressed with them, they even called me back after I'd been waiting for a few minutes so as to limit the costs of the call.

Many thanks for your help Andy & Smiffy

  Jester2K II 11:01 08 Jul 03

What was the fix then? In case anyone else gets this problem

  retroman 21:29 12 Jul 03

The solution was to use a good quality recovery disk (fortunately supplied by Mesh in this case) to 'repair' XP. This involved reactivating it over the phone rather than the net and avoiding resetting everything.

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