XP Activation

  Quickbeam 09:28 25 Sep 08

I'm going to fit a bigger hard drive which will require a fresh XP install. The system components will be the same ones, apart from the new drive.

Will the current saved wpa.bak & wpa.dbl files be acceptable to the XP activation still?

  johndrew 09:49 25 Sep 08

Depends on which parts of the PC the activation registers against and how many changes have been made since activation.

I suggest you download XPinfo click here which will tell you much more.

  Fingees 09:52 25 Sep 08

If it's an OEM version, and you do a complete re install, which you will have to.
It will probably activate OK, but if not, a call to Microsoft will satisfy them, as you are using the same motherboard.

  Quickbeam 10:07 25 Sep 08

It is OEM, and had several changes along the way. Each time I've had to explain what and why I've changed a component. The only original bit left is the floppy drive, and that's redundant!

Maybe I'll bite the bullet and buy a retail Vista...

  Fingees 10:19 25 Sep 08

If you arte going that route, I would suggest tht you check if your existing gear is compatablle, by running test.

click here

  Quickbeam 08:47 26 Sep 08

6.6mb seems a big download just to run a check on a system. Wasn't there something around when Vista came out that only needed an online connection to check it, without having to install anything?

  Graham. 08:58 26 Sep 08
  Graham. 00:04 27 Sep 08

And that was my best click here for ages.

  Fried~Chips 00:23 27 Sep 08

under Microsoft eula it not allowed. If you have the original CD then go for activation, if it refuses which is unlikely then call the freephone number which will eventually show onscreen when a new key is required, just tell them you had to clean install onto a new HDD. If your honest with microsoft they will assist no problems.

  DieSse 00:26 27 Sep 08

"I'm going to fit a bigger hard drive which will require a fresh XP install."

Fitting a larger drive doesn't require a fresh install of XP. You may choose to do one, but you can just as easily clone your current installation to the new drive. This may not even ask for activation.

  laurie53 06:59 27 Sep 08

It also depends on if you've done it before, and how many times.

My first few re-activations were automatic, but for the last two I've had to use the phone.

It's\no problem and just takes a minute or so.

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