Xmas decorations wanted for Piczo site

  Graham. 19:40 18 Dec 07

As the title, any downloadable holly, etc., for my front page? I just want to sprinkle a few around:

click here

  Kemistri 23:17 18 Dec 07

Just Google for "free christmas clipart" - here's one to start you off. click here

  Graham. 23:44 18 Dec 07

McAfee threw a wobbler on that site.

  mco 00:01 19 Dec 07

click here
this is a good one
or this one, not as good, but easier to do
click here
I know they're naff, but it's Christmas!

  Graham. 14:54 19 Dec 07

OK, site lightly sprinkled. I could use an HTML code for snow. The one on your second link doesn't work.

  mco 15:57 19 Dec 07

it didn't work on mine either! But the first one did.

  Graham. 16:57 19 Dec 07

Those are more suited to a 'normal' web page. I can put a HTML box on the page, but need some simple code to put in it. I think Piczo is getting confused by the included instructions.

I've used code from Piczo for now, but it disables other functions and tools.

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