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  conrail 22:46 20 Aug 07

Hi guys, I have created service sheets for vehicles at work in XL, one for each vehicle, each sheet has 2 worksheets, one to calculate fuel consumtion (running costs sheet) and one with a list of costs at locat garage, services, repairs, tyres, (service sheet), etc. how can I add one cell from the service sheet to the running costs sheet so I have a grand total of vehicle costs, ie cell E3 sheet 2 to H8, currently a blank cell, on sheet 1, hope you can understand this?

  daba 23:32 20 Aug 07

No problem - you can do this easily, like "point and shoot".

Where you want the total, just type =, then click on the cell containing the first value to add, then type a +, then click on the second cell to add, (even if it is on another worksheet - just navigate to it and click the relevant cell), to finish just press enter.

The resulting formula will look something like


where A2 is a value from the first worksheet, and B6 is the value you want to add from the second.

By the way, the program name is Excel, not XL, helpers usually search for posts to reply to relating to their expertise and experiences.


  johnnyrocker 23:33 20 Aug 07

i dont know if it will work in xl but what about either the sum or if formulae?


  conrail 20:22 21 Aug 07

thanks daba, that is what I wanted. I appreciate it is Excel, I just abbreviate all my programs, ie psp for paint shop pro but I will take on board your suggestions and keep things right

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