Xgames.exe (and others with similar names)

  Watson 11:58 19 Feb 04

I am being plagued with these premium-rate dialler games programs being downloaded from "Click Yes to Enter Ltd" onto my machine.

I try to stop the program downloading, then delete it from the list in Real Download. But every few minutes it comes back. I've tried leaving it in the list, but then I'm asked if I'd like to delete the old program and start downloading the new. Again every few minutes. I'm running XP.

Is there anything I can do to stop this major nuisance?

Spybot search and destroy and Ad Aware

Do a search briefly on here and you should be able to solve it.

  Watson 14:17 19 Feb 04

Many thanks for that - I downloaded Spybot search & destroy, and installed it. But half an hour later, here we go again....

"Click Yes to Enter Ltd" are still at it - trying to get me to connect to premium rate numbers to access their obscene, offensive material.

Any other suggestions?

  JFT 16:37 19 Feb 04

Have you disabled messenger?

  Watson 10:23 21 Feb 04

No, never thought of that. Do you think that's the route in?

  Watson 10:32 21 Feb 04

Tried it, didn't work - the download started again a couple of minutes ago.......

  Jester2K 10:40 21 Feb 04

Try SpywareBlaster click here - its designed to make these things think they are installed and so don't try again.

Download, update, select all and the "protect Against Selected Items"

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