Xcel doc to Html web site. Can you help?

  LAP 19:37 26 Feb 08

My wife would like to put an Excel doc on her html based web site. She does not require this to be updatable just viewable.

I have searched the web but the only references I can find seem complex and relate to the doc being updatable.

Any ideas of the script I would need? Thank you.

  brundle 23:24 26 Feb 08

Can't you use Save As and choose HTML - import the file into the relevant page. Office generates rather untidy HTML with a lot of extraneous stuff, so it will need some trimming.

  LAP 09:21 27 Feb 08

brundle, thanks for the reply. Of all the choices to 'Save As'; HTML is not one of them. I have tried most of the Save options without success.

  brundle 10:46 27 Feb 08

This will convert .xls to HTML click here or you could copy/paste the document into Word and see if that will convert it.

  LAP 19:35 27 Feb 08

brundle, I used the site and it stated that it was coverted to html. The folder is 'zipped' and contains three files mine is called 'IPSWICH_PUBS.html'.

How do I use the file & with what script? And there was me thinking it was going to be easy!

Any further help please?

  brundle 19:37 27 Feb 08

Upload the page to the website and create a link to it. Or import the whole file into an existing page.

  brundle 19:37 27 Feb 08

The HTML, not the zip.

  MAJ 20:12 27 Feb 08

If the spreadsheet wasn't too large (screen size) why not just take a screenshot of it and upload the picture.

  LAP 20:14 27 Feb 08

brundle, cheers again.

I always test anything prior to loading onto my wife's web site on my computer on a spare page off line. I cannot get this to work.

Any ideas of the script run it?

Thank you.

  LAP 20:16 27 Feb 08

Thanks MAJ, but it is about 4 screen lengths long.

  Kemistri 20:27 27 Feb 08

That would also render it inaccessible, of course.

Why not either convert it to PDF and make it available for download or convert it to XML and incorporate that?

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