xbox picture blurry on new tv

  mart7 02 Nov 13

hope this is right category

My sons just bought a new tv a luxor 32"led smart tv hd ready to replace his ageing bush 28" lcd tv

He uses it to play his xbox through,the picture quality when watching tv via sky box is very sharp but when playing his xbox through it via hdmi its slightly blurry unlike his old bush which was as clear as tv

Is there anything he can do to get a clearer picture? He has a good gold plated hdmi lead

  woodchip 02 Nov 13

good gold plated hdmi lead will not work no better than a cheap one. as he tried different settings on the tv

  woodchip 02 Nov 13

PS tell him to try on lower resolution for TV, not on HD format

  mart7 02 Nov 13

The tv is 720p,not sure he can change it but i will advise him of that,thanks

  woodchip 02 Nov 13

that may be is problem

  mart7 02 Nov 13

the bush was only 720p worked fine thats what i cant figure out

  rdave13 02 Nov 13

Some tips here.

Modern TVs have very variable input lag. With the worst, this can make a game virtually unplayable - the image on the screen reacts too slowly, so you get shot (for example) before you see the image of who's shooting you on the screen. Could this be the problem? I know it's not 'blurry' as such, but...

  mart7 02 Nov 13

Its like motion blur,very evident on the fifa 14 game

  mart7 02 Nov 13

But also the whole picture doesnt look sharp its "blurry"

Tv is fine just playing the xbox through it thats the problem,

Going to try some component leads and a few other bits as suggested in rdave13 s link

  mart7 05 Nov 13

Tv has been swapped for a different model and that has solved the problem

thanks all


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