x instead of pic

  bigray 08:26 16 Aug 03

Running xp with internet explorer 6, when on some sites there is an x in the corner of the picture box but no pics, any one know of a way to overcome this, thanks

  Pesala 08:50 16 Aug 03

If I recall correctly the remedy is to delete your IE cache.

  bigray 10:28 16 Aug 03

thanks Pesala, but done that, only does it on certain sites & can't remember them, remember seeing software some where to sort this, but again memory going, if I find it will post solution.

  Barrie_G 11:27 16 Aug 03

try right clicking it and then select show picture

  bigray 11:42 16 Aug 03

thanks Barrie_G but tried that

  Dazwm 11:49 16 Aug 03

They wouldn't be "naughty" pictures would they. It might be your privacy settings.

  bigray 11:53 16 Aug 03

no not naughty pics Dazwm but thanks for the efforts

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