Is www on the way out?

  Graham. 22:02 04 May 08

For instance, works without it.

  Graham. 22:03 04 May 08

Though the 'click here' may have to be updated.

  brundle 22:37 04 May 08

All browsers accept URLs without the prefix when typed into the address bar, the URL itself won't have changed.

  tullie 23:14 04 May 08

I never type www,or rarely.

  Graham. 08:50 05 May 08

Well, nobody told me.

  rawprawn 08:53 05 May 08

I bet the "w" key on your computer is worn out ;-)

  Graham. 08:53 05 May 08

Well, nobody told me.

  MIke 09:50 05 May 08

A little trick ~I found out agaes ago but might be worth mentioning. If you want click here for example, just type bbc into the address bar then press Ctrl and Enter simultaneously the bbc is the wrapped with click here. and .com.

Works in ie and Opera and I believe Firefox


  MIke 09:52 05 May 08

click here spoilt above post you'll get my meaning if you hover mouse over click here!

  VoG II 10:01 05 May 08

And you can change what CTRL + Enter does click here

  €dstowe 10:37 05 May 08

It's extremely rare that I use the address bar. The sites I visit regularly are in Bookmarks and those I don't know properly are invariably found via Google - easier than typing the full address in the address bar and not prone to errors introduced by me.

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