wrong printer for Windows 7

  March Wind 17 Mar 12

I was installing a printer driver that was not compatible with Windows 7. I have a message that says product cannot be recognised. I have un installed the printer in control panel but I cannot get a screen to go off the desk top that came up when downloading started. I now want to get rid of it but do not know how. I am clicking on the cross but the picture will not go that shows I am on stage 2 of downloading the printer.

  Miké 17 Mar 12

I think the easiest way is to use 'System Restore' and go back to before the attempted install.

  ICF 17 Mar 12

Is it there after a reboot?

  sharpamat 17 Mar 12

Which printer

  March Wind 17 Mar 12

I have now back dated but thanks for getting back to me. I would still like to know a different way. Epson syslus R240. What do you mean a after reboot. Where would I find it.

I am using the PC now before it was a blank screen with black squares where I had tried to open things up. If you don't back to me I will understand. thank you

  onthelimit1 17 Mar 12

As far as I can tell, there are no W7 drivers for that printer. If that is the case, you'll have to buy a more modern printer.

  northumbria61 17 Mar 12

See this Link which says - If your product is not listed and it was released prior to 2009, where available please download and install the Windows Vista driver from the Epson website. You could try searching for a Vista driver which may work.

enter link description here

  northumbria61 17 Mar 12

Select a Vista driver from here and try it before purchasing a new printer - you have nothing to lose

enter link description here

  sharpamat 17 Mar 12

If you install the Printer as adminstrator it should work without problems.

1 Completley remove all previous versions of epson including from hard drive.

2 find the correct printer driver right click and select run as adminstrator You may get a prompt telling you that it does not work with Win 7 however carry on with installation. dont forget do not turn the printer on untill prompted

Ive never found a problem installing this was either with Win 7 Or with Win 8


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