Wrong Home Page

  mjd 21:03 12 Jul 05

I recently reinstalled Internet Explorer 6. Since then, whenever I start IE it opens on the following page:
"http:// search.msn . co.uk / results.aspx?srch=105&FORM=AS5&q=Internet+Explorer" (without the spaces!"

My home page is "www. yahoo .co.uk" and this is what I have set in Internet Options (When I hit the "Home" button I am directed to the correct page. Do you know of any way I can get IE to open on the correct page? I have installed StartPage Guard but it hasn't cured the problem.



  sattman 21:12 12 Jul 05

In Internet explorer go to properties and change to your choice, apply to save choice before exiting.

  mjd 21:58 12 Jul 05


As you'll see from my posting, my home page is set correctly in IE Properties.


  VoG II 22:06 12 Jul 05

Do you have Ad-aware installed? If so click on Configuration (the cog icon), Defaults and make the changes.

If you have StartPageGuard I cannot understand why this is happening unless you are allowing Ad-aware to remove the StartPageGuard entry.

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