Wrong Email addreslos-dont seem to be able to find - to correct it

  SparkyJack 01 Feb 12

Using my Web mail account to create and send a missive is fine and my correct address appears in the from section. However if I elect to sent a file from FILE/Send link- option my address comes up completely wrong-. So the task is to locate where that address is and edit or deleie it Any ideas?

  Secret-Squirrel 01 Feb 12

.............."So the task is to locate where that address is"......

That address will be in your default e-mail client (Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird etc). Hopefully you'll know which one it is and then you can go in and edit the properties for the e-mail account in that program.

  Ashrich 01 Feb 12

Probably in whatever email program you have installed as ( usually ) send-to's don't pick up on webmail addresses . Try editing the account in Windows Mail or Outlook Express or whatever you have on your PC .

  Ashrich 01 Feb 12

Cross post with Secret Squirrel !!

  SparkyJack 01 Feb 12

Secret Squirrel & Ashrich

That is the problem - This is a Web mail account

I do not use an E-client all addresses are on the Web server there is no 'onboard' address file

Unless you know otherwise

  Woolwell 01 Feb 12

Assume that when you choose File-Send that you are not using webmail at that time but Windows Explorer or have a list of files open. If so this does not link to webmail (it cannot) but will instead open your default e-mail client and that is where this e-mail address is.

  Secret-Squirrel 01 Feb 12

Sparky, when you click the "File" menu and choose "Send link by e-mail", or indeed click any mailto: link on a website or in an e-mail, it will always open your default e-mail client's new-message window.

That's the way it is and there's nothing you can do to make it work with webmail.

  lotvic 01 Feb 12

Is this the pc with Ubuntu on or is it XP or W7?


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