Wrong drive HELP!

  dkfilms 14:53 25 Mar 04

I have just installed XP on a new drive and guess what it has decided to call it my "E" drive. Is there any way to make this my C drive maybe by re naming it in another computer also running XP or if not if I reinstall it how can I stop it from doing this again? Will by re formatting the disk it remove the drive letter?

Help please.


  woodt 14:59 25 Mar 04

Is this a second drive or your only drive?

  Mat2 15:06 25 Mar 04

Have you set the hard drive as master on the jumpers, also have you connected it to master connection on the ribbon cable which is connected to the primary ide connection on the motherboard.

  dkfilms 15:13 25 Mar 04


I am always amazed at the speed of replies on this site. Thank you as I am sitting here wandering what to do.

It is set to be Master drive, connected to IDE 1. The only thing is that there was a zip drive set as master on IDE 2 and this seems to have become the C Drive. What confuses me is that I formatted the hard drive during XP setup and it showed as C drive then. Why did it change and do I have to reinstall without the zip drive?


  Mat2 15:16 25 Mar 04

Have you checked the boot drive order in the BIOS?

  mosfet 15:20 25 Mar 04

If you go into "Disc management" you can r/click & change drive letter.

  dkfilms 15:20 25 Mar 04

To install I had it loading from CD which is on the IDE 2 along with the zip drive. Could this have been the problem?

  dkfilms 15:22 25 Mar 04


It won't let me do that. It says you can't change the drive letter of a boot drive.

  mosfet 15:25 25 Mar 04

I am sure I did that,it just gave a warning.Could be wrong tho,it was a while ago.

  mosfet 15:28 25 Mar 04

You would have to take the "C" off the zip first,& call it some other letter.

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