Writing to Lightscribe Disks

  RussB74 14:09 18 Nov 08

Hi all

Does anyone know of a decent program that will write onto the Lightscribe Disks, free preferably but would be willing to pay for something decent.

Many Thanks


  si67 14:22 18 Nov 08

You need to ensure that your CD/DVD writer can burn using Lightscribe.

If it can go to click here and download the software to enable the functionality

  RussB74 11:10 19 Nov 08

I`ve got a much better program that does what I wanted to do.


  Technotiger 11:40 19 Nov 08

Are you gonna let us in on the secret??

  RussB74 13:10 19 Nov 08

Hello Technotiger

Surething Labelling Program, it`s reasonably priced as well.


  RussB74 13:44 19 Nov 08


  Grey Goo 16:29 19 Nov 08

Free stuff at Lightscribe.com
click here

  Technotiger 20:57 19 Nov 08

OK Russell, thanks! Cheers.

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