Write to NAS via Ethernet slower than via wifi

  spenko 09:31 17 Aug 12

I have a Win7 64bit laptop connected to my home network by both 85 mps Netgear Powerline and wifi. On the network are mt BT Homehub router and an Iomega Home Media NAS. when trying to backup photo files (5+ mb) from laptop to NAS I find the write speed become so slow as to be unuseable via Ethernet.

Speeds (Mbps) obtained: Write Read Connection 8.5 8.9 wifi 0.2 13.8 ethernet & wifi 0.2 14.5 ethernet

In desperation, I have tried upgrading firmware (currently 2.040) but the NAS seems unwilling to do this. I have also reset the router -- all to no avail.

Any suggestions gratefully received

  mgmcc 09:05 18 Aug 12

The first test I'd be inclined to try is to connect the Laptop directly to the NAS box by ethernet, missing out the router and PowerLine adapters to see what sort of performance that gives. Then, by process of elimination, see if the router or PowerLine adapters are degrading the transfer speeds.

  spenko 22:11 20 Aug 12

Thanks. Write speed the same. Rad speed about 100 mps


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