Write a letter in Windows7?

  Muergo 24 Jun 11

I realised that I haven't composed a letter since I went over to Windows 7 always communicating by e-mail.

Is there a word Processor buried in W7 Home Premium somewhere or do I just download OpenOffice?

  Condom 24 Jun 11

I believe there is something called Wordpad in windows 7 which will allow you to write basic letters. If I were you I would however download Open Office as it will give you a better product but if you don't need it then you might get by using Wordpad.

  Muergo 24 Jun 11

I find the only program included is Microsoft Office Word Viewer which does only what it says and is just a small sectiom of the whole Word package.

Looks like Open Office is the solution as mentioned on another thread here.

  john bunyan 24 Jun 11

Another good freebie is Lotus Symphony. It has word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software, much like Microsft Office 2007, and can be saved in MS format.

Muergo: if you look under All Programs, Accessories, you should find both Wordpad and Notepad.

  Muergo 24 Jun 11

I have just downloaded OpenOffice, What a palaver!!

It's not enough to download it, you have to register whch involves signing up for an Oracle account and another registration.

Now I can't get it to run properly but no doubt I'll find a way.

  gel 24 Jun 11

Open Office does have a decent forum But I agree Open office is a palaver There is always a step which appears like an advert before you can use it gel

  gel 24 Jun 11

If you have windows 7 premium you should have Microsoft office starter 2010 but that may irritate with an advert floating in before you can use gel

  Simsy 24 Jun 11

Regarding OpenOffice, you say,

"you have to register"... you don't have to!

Microsoft Office Starter you might have... it's not on all machines, though it is on many from the main builders.

Hope this helps



  Muergo 25 Jun 11

From what I had flashed on screen Microsoft Office Starter was only a trial for 6 months.

I have Open Office working fine now and it does everything I need, but it did say at the beginning that I had to register with Oracle before it would download, but anyway I've done all that and It's resolved Thanks to everyone for the interest in what I thought was a small problem.

It does seem mean of MS not to put a Word type program into 7, there was a comprehensive one in XP and the price for upgrading W7 is more than I paid for the whole full W7 CD's boxed program (£45 preorder Amazon.)

I suppose that's why W8 will soon be along as Microsoft needs nore income!

  Simsy 01 Jul 11

"It does seem mean of MS not to put a Word type program into 7"

There is one, "Wordpad", as mentioned by Ian in Northampton Same as there has been in previous versions of Windows... All Programs>Accessories>Wordpad




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