WOW! I have just won 615,810 euros!

  freefx 09:37 05 Nov 05

I have just received a letter this morning from La Primitiva posted from Spain to say that i have just won 615,810 Euros! This is from a total cash prize of 4,926,480 Euros. My winner number came out in a computer draw from 25000 participants worldwide. My money is now deposited with a security company(called VENTURE SECURITY AND FINANCE) insured under my name.

To claim my money i have to fax them my details of my home address, name , bank details should i need a bank transfers. And they hope i will enter their end of year award, 10% of my winning will go to Venture Security and Finance as they bought my tickect in my name.

This has got to be the luckiest day of my life, having won so much money wihout spending a single penny.

Does anyone here share part of the total cash prize with me?

  €dstowe 09:42 05 Nov 05

Something similar click here

  justme 09:46 05 Nov 05

If you send me your bank details and I can withdraw all your money before they do then I will have won too.

The only loser will be you, especially if you are daft enough to send anyone who asks your bank details.

This is a scam to separate you from any money you have in the bank. Don't touch it with the proverbial barge pole.

  Fellsider 10:49 05 Nov 05

"10% of my winning will go to Venture Security and Finance as they bought my tickect in my name."

and the contents of your bank account also!!!

  Sans le Sou 10:55 05 Nov 05

Tell them you would like it in cash.

  €dstowe 10:56 05 Nov 05

People's greed ensures the existence and persistence of these scams.

  SANTOS7 11:19 05 Nov 05

You have only "WON" the attention of scammers trying part you of the contents of your bank account...

  joseph K 11:34 05 Nov 05

Who needs money?

  Stuartli 12:45 05 Nov 05

Give it to charity.

I suggest the Institute Diverting Imbeciles Over To Supercash (IDIOTS).

  €dstowe 13:13 05 Nov 05

If you Google "VENTURE SECURITY AND FINANCE" there is a report (in Spanish) that seems to suggest a link with Nigeria.

  Stuartli 13:23 05 Nov 05

Now there's a surprise...:-)

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