Would this system be supported by an 850 Watt PSU?

  flunk 07:58 15 Aug 08

I recently ordered these parts along with an 850W Power Supply Unit, I had to upgrade few things due to the fact some parts were discontinued on the website. Now this leaves me with the question, will this new system be supported by the 850 Watt PSU.

Motherboard: Asus STRIKER-II-EXTREME

CPU: Intel Quad Core Q9550

Graphics Card: XFX GeForce 280 GTX 1GB Extreme

Memory: Corsair DDR3 4GB

Hard Drive: Samsung 500GB SATA II HDD X 2

Thankyou in advance for your help!

  Technotiger 08:08 15 Aug 08

In short, I would say Yes!

  flunk 08:09 15 Aug 08

Phew! Thanks!

  Technotiger 08:36 15 Aug 08

As a matter of interest - what OS?

  alan2273 08:46 15 Aug 08

You do not say what make your PSU is, as a cheap one may not be enough to power that set up.

  flunk 09:00 15 Aug 08

The OS is Windows XP 64bit Edition


  johndrew 09:21 15 Aug 08

Excuse my ignorance, but I can understand a motherboard being `SLI ready` but a PSU?

  I am Spartacus 09:24 15 Aug 08

That's a good power supply. SLI ready means it's got the power for an SLI configuration click here

  flunk 09:30 15 Aug 08

NVIDIA® SLI™ Certified, just a certification that ensures the product supports Hybrid SLI technology HybridPower™ mode found on new NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA nForce MCPs.

  johndrew 13:23 15 Aug 08

Aah. It becomes clear. Nothing to do with the technical specification other than its rated output. Presumably most 850W PSUs that had a good rated output would do the same and this is more about marketing than performance.

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