Would a powerline be better?

  Mike_R 04 Oct 11

I am having difficulty in connecting my Sony BD570 bluray player by wireless to the internet. Half the time the BD570 cannot find the network. My Netgear DG834G router is in an upstairs room near my desktop and next to a wall, and the BD570 is about 20 feet away downstairs with two walls between. My laptop, though, has no difficuly in picking up a signal when placed near the BD570. When connected, the BD570 shows a signal strength of between 30-60%. I can't think of anything in the house which would interfere with the signal.

What I am wondering is whether I would get a better connection to the BD570 via a powerline such as the Netgear XAV2501? My house was built in 1974 and has not been rewired. Upstairs and downstairs are on a separate ring circuit.

Another option would be to move the router to downstairs and drill through a wall for the router cable. This would reduce the distance to around 10 feet but there would still be one wall in the way, plus I would have to hang a router on a wall, if a suitable one can be bought. Or make or procure a stand.

  Mike_R 04 Oct 11

Just realised that the signal has to go through three walls, not two, and moving the router would still place it two walls away from the BD570.

  Tim1964 05 Oct 11

I would bite the bullet and go for a homeplug/powerline solution.

Go for the fastest ones for your budget, at least a pair of 200Mbps.

  onthelimit1 05 Oct 11

As long as the two ringmains are off the same consumer unit, you should be OK. My wiring setup is the same as yours, and homeplugs have been the perfect solution.

  Mike_R 05 Oct 11

Thanks everyone. I will go for it.

  Mike_R 08 Oct 11

Netgear XAV2501 powerline installed and working. Thanks again.


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