Would I notice much difference

  erkmatrix 13:33 20 Aug 06

I'm umming and arghing if I should update my old Iiyama LS902UT CRT monitor which is 19inch with one of these new TFT ones I've seen a BenQ FP91G+ that was recommended from a friend at work as been good, just don't know if I really need it and maybe should wait untill my old one goes.

I do alot of digital art and well just wanted to ask will this monitor show much difference in some like corel painter and Photoshop or wouldn't you bother updated really.


  Zak 14:04 20 Aug 06

I would stay with your old monitor until such time it starts giving you problems and or the image quality detiorates.

  Pineman100 14:05 20 Aug 06

I bought a new computer about a year ago, which came with a Samsung 19-inch flat panel monitor. My old machine had a 19-inch Iiyama CRT monitor. I gave the old machine to my dad.

Frankly, I wish I'd held on to the CRT monitor. I use Photoshop and other image editing software a lot, and the colour representation on the CRT was much better than it is on the new monitor.

Maybe my Samsung isn't much good; maybe (despite a great deal of fiddling) I've never managed to get it set up properly - I don't know. All I do know is that I much preferred the Iiyama for the kind of work you're talking about.

  erkmatrix 14:11 20 Aug 06

oh cool, Ill stay with it then , at least till it packs up, clumsy it is but I've not had any probs with the picture quality

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