wots best ccleaner or comodo cleaner

  mark3986 17:03 29 Dec 09

hi wots best ccleaner or comodo cleaner

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 29 Dec 09

Could never get on with comodo always seemed to give me problems.

  Graphicool1 17:45 29 Dec 09

If Comodo Cleaner is anything like Comodo Firewall. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. It's always in youre face and too much like hard work!

  User-1229748 17:58 29 Dec 09

comodo cleaner wiped all my programs when i was using vista :o(

  sunnystaines 18:09 29 Dec 09

go for ccleaner

Ccleaner for me.

  Bill10 18:43 29 Dec 09

Ccleaner all the way.

  SB23 20:36 29 Dec 09

It has to be Ccleaner for me too.

I think it is the only program that has never given me any problems at sometime or other.

  james55 00:31 30 Dec 09

I don't no about the rest but CCleaner for me.

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