Worth using in anyway?

  Phil-UK 23:38 15 Mar 09

My current setup is

Asus P5n-e sli mobo
E8500 cpu

I got given an old rig of a mate and it has a gigabyte K8NSNXP -939 mobo, the cpu seems dead as when ever you turn the rig on it beeps like a bus when in reverse, plus i had a look and a couple of the cpu pins are bent, it has 2 HD not looked what there size etc.

but my question is could if i wanted to put the hard drives in my rig and is it worth keeping the mobo and getting a new amd 64 cpu and having something like a media or storage rig and something just to practice things like over clocking on, or would i be better with buying more up to date/budget stuff to do the above options?


  gazzaho 07:06 16 Mar 09

For the drives it would depend on the drive connectors. There's nothing to stop you using the hard drives, Older EIDE motherboards typically had 2 EIDE connectors on them allowing you to connect 4 EIDE devices, 2 0n each channel. Newer SATA motherboards typically only have 1 EIDE connector allowing you to connect 2 Eide devices.

It would depend on what type of motherboard you have, and if the drives are EIDE or SATA, if they're SATA then you're limited by the number of SATA sockets on your mobo 1 for each drive. If they're EIDE then you're limited again by the EIDE sockets on your board, 2 drives per socket in this case.

You also have the option to buy a drive enclosure and convert an internal to an external USB drive, these are usually quite cheep.

As for the mobo question, it's entirely up to you, do you want to spend money on a board that you say has bent pins and risk it not working? I myself wouldn't bother.

  Phil-UK 08:47 16 Mar 09

Thanks for the response

ye I was worried about the board causing such probs, although I have a feeling he bent the cpu by taking it out at some point as the fan was loose and not refitted properly

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