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Worth setting network with 56k modem?

  YinHoNg 15:49 28 Mar 04

I'm thinkin about setting up a home network between two computers but i've only got a 56k modem. I read somewhere that the bandwith provided by a 56k modem is not really worth the effort of installing extra cards and cabling. is this true?

  steven_frost 15:53 28 Mar 04

56k is not really up to the job for sharing the internet

  Diodorus Siculus 15:54 28 Mar 04

What do you want the network for? If sharing between the two computers, then you should be ok. But if you want it for internet connection sharing, then the 56k will work ok, but not wonderfully.

Sharing documents, peripherals and so forth, though, will be fine.

  roy 16:01 28 Mar 04

I beg to differ. I set up a network and internet sharing before I got broadband and found it very acceptable. A lot of the time that you are browsing is spent just reading the page in front of you; in other words, if you have two pc's, they will not necessarily both be seeking a new webpage at the same time.
Obviously broadband is going to cope better but I wouldn't let that deter you from going ahead with a network.

  roy 16:03 28 Mar 04

Diodorus Siculus

Yes, I agree with your statement.

  YinHoNg 22:30 28 Mar 04

to Diodorus Siculus:

I want a network so that i can transfer all of the music and files i've already got on one computer to the new one i'm getting soon. I also need to print a lot and i've only got one printer.
I'm still debating whether to set up a network.
What are the benefits of having a home network besdies what i stated above?

  TBH1 22:53 28 Mar 04

setting up a network will do exactly what you wish - - a good excercise too for when you do, eventually, go broadband

  LastChip 22:59 28 Mar 04

You just have to accept the speed limitation, but the network will operate perfectly satisfactorily.

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