Worried about unknown LAN traffic!

  CaleI 18:38 26 Feb 05

Hi, I have just become aware of something I didnt notice before.
I have a home network consisting of 2 computers. 1, a desktop connected to a router via cat5 Cable, and 2, a laptop which connects wirelessly to the router.

With the Laptop disconnected, I've noticed the Local Area connection is both sending and receiving a large number of packets constantly. It's sending 30 packets per second and receiving 24.

Is this normal even though the PC has nothing to communicate with other than the router. When I initiate a lockdown with my firewall, all trafic stops.

Just concerned I have a virus or other potential problem.

Thanks for any help on this one.

  JonnyTub 18:48 26 Feb 05

a few explanations i feel.

Your wireless setup is likely keeping in 'touch' with each other.

a programme is accessing the net (i feel this is the most probable cause as when the firewall locks down traffic drops to zero).

Or your neighbour needs a good slapping :-)

Enable mac address filtering on the router should your neighbour be up to anything unusual.

  Alan H E 18:51 26 Feb 05

Do you have anAV or Anti malware software? You could do a disc ceanup and delete cookies as a first step.

  CaleI 18:55 26 Feb 05

Unauthorised access was my first worry, however I can see what PC's are accessing my network via the router's admin features. Also, there's a 128bit encryption set up on the WAN.

A program may be accessing the net but any that are have acess rights becuase I gave em them via admin. So my worry is some spywarwe I dont know about.

I've ran adware, checked HJT, ran my up-to-date virus checker and still the traffic. I should add there is NO traffic on the router's internet connection, only the LAN.

Is ther no wat to trace what is causing this traffic?

  Alan H E 19:00 26 Feb 05

Look in Task Manager & seewhats running.

  CaleI 19:35 26 Feb 05

CLosed down all that was not system required.. still the packets.

  JonnyTub 21:59 26 Feb 05

therefore my guess is it's simply the wireles
s card and router communicating with each other

  FelixTCat 16:37 27 Feb 05

Wireless routers regularly send out packets effectively looking for new network cards. That's how you are able to log in in the first place. Once connected, they send "are you still there" messages to check the connections. That will explain traffic on the wireless network.

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