Worm/Bugbear Virus

  Matlot 10:37 06 Jan 03
  Matlot 10:37 06 Jan 03

A Worm/Bugbear Virus has installed itself in my :
C\_Restore\Temp\A0062708.cpy File.

AVG states that it cannot move the Virus to it's Vault, nor can it "Heal it".

I am using M/S ME.

Please advise is it safe to DELETE the Restore\Temp File and if so what happens to the Bugbear Virus.

or, How do I rid myself of this Virus.

Thank You,


  leo49 10:51 06 Jan 03

click here


  VoG™ 10:52 06 Jan 03

You need to turn off System Restore. Then AVG should be able to delete the file. Then turn System Restore back on. click here

  Andsome 11:47 06 Jan 03

Bugbear is now a very old virus, and I am surprised that any AV program cannot stop it dead in its tracks. How about uninstalling the freebie and getting Norton on CD rather than a download? Then configure it to automatically find and download updates.

  skeletal 14:32 06 Jan 03

DON’T TICK “disable system restore” as detailed in the link above without reading this!

It removes all your restore points!!!

I have just discovered this to my cost!

I had a virus in one of my restore points, which I knew about and I made sure I wouldn’t go there, but I would have loved to get rid of the rogue point. I had tried all sorts of things without success and thought the link’s idea would be worth a try.

In typical *$&@ software fashion there was no warning about the removal of points and indeed the word “disable” means to me that you can “re-enable” later without any problems. You can’t!

Obviously, if you don’t mind losing all your points then fine (and it certainly looks to be the only way to completely remove a virus). Also, you can re-enable, but the first point becomes the one generated as you re-boot after the re-enable.

So I now have no restore points!

Now you know.

Unhappy Skeletal

  VoG™ 14:37 06 Jan 03

It is a choice between keeping the virus or your restore points.

  Andsome 15:07 06 Jan 03

I don't have ME, but I understand that it has 'system restore' If this is so can't you restore to a point earlier than when you donwloaded the virus? If this not possible, then just understand that I have no experience of ME.

  DieSse 15:16 06 Jan 03

You don't actually need to remove the virus from the restore folder. From there it can only be activated if you do a restore. As you create new restore points, the old restore information will get overwritten, and the virus will automatically disappear.

Needlesss to say, it's best not to do a restore whilst the virus IS still in the restore folder.

  skeletal 15:49 06 Jan 03

Vog: You are correct! My main moan is that there was no warning within the software. So long as I don't have a problem at the moment, it won't matter. I won't know I'm OK for a few days yet.

Andsome: Yes you can restore to before you got the virus.

I just prefer a "perfect" system (no comments please!!!).

Happier Skeletal (no crashes in last half hour and sun is shining!)

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