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  winksey 08:59 28 Jan 04

I have been invected with the I-Worm/Mydoom virus my anti virus (AVG) does not seem to get rid of it is there another way, perhaps manually that I could rid myself of this virus. I am running Win Me.

  Lozzy 09:07 28 Jan 04
  Lozzy 09:08 28 Jan 04

opps Go to click here then click on the virus novarg then click on the tool to remove

  winksey 09:12 28 Jan 04

Lozzy your link is not active.

  Jester2K 09:15 28 Jan 04

Yes it is.

Winksey - reboot in to safe mode adn then scan with AVG.

What does AVG say when it can't delete the virus?

Something about c:\system information\restore ???

  Lozzy 09:20 28 Jan 04

symantec.com then follow the route for virus removal

  winksey 10:07 28 Jan 04

Cheers Lozzy & Jester2K, I had removed the virus with AVG but I did not disable System Restore so it was retained in my Restore files, easy mistake to make I suppose still everything o.k again now. Thanks again. Winksey.

  Siani 10:46 28 Jan 04

I'm being bombarded with this but haven't opened any attachments. Have run Norton and Mcafee and it hasn't found anything. How would I know if I had it? What does it do? Thanks.

  Jester2K 11:26 28 Jan 04

If AV has found nothing - assuming its up to date, then you are clean.

The e-mails are coming from another PC which has the virus.

This is the virus -
click here

But if the AV says you are clean then you are clean.

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