worm threat while updating zonealarm

  grey george 16:32 28 Mar 06

I have just updated my version of zone alarm, while I was doing so Norton came up with this warning.
Details: Rule "Default Block Extreme Trojan horse" blocked communication. Local address:
Process name is "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\GLBE0A3.TMP".

the file was zonealarm-1023-english.

This maybe because zone alarm was shutdown while it updated or it maybe in the download.
But I thought I should ley you good folks know.

Regards GG

  Stuartli 16:37 28 Mar 06

New versions of free ZoneAlarm should be downloaded as normal and then installed; there is a point in the installation where you can select to retain current settings rather than a Clean install.

  grey george 17:12 28 Mar 06

What I meant was that I am not sure if the worm attack was because I had closed down zonealarm to update it or if the worm was in a file downloaded from zonealarm. I believe norton stopped it and my system seems to be fine, but the update site seems to be down. It may have been pulled I they realised they had a problem. Anyone who has updated may want to scan their systems.

  SB23 17:52 28 Mar 06

I've just updated, rebooted, and scanned. All is well.
Thanks for the warning though.

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