Workshop in PC Advisor May 2005 Page 165

  Vimal 08:39 03 May 05

Saw this and thought brillant I will use to back up my info BUT when I try to back up to a CD it comes up with an error.

The program line reads


I tried copying into a folder on the Hard disk and this works but not on either of DVDRW or CDR drive?


  jack 08:49 03 May 05

This may be a daft query - but the obvious escapes us all at times.

You do have the burn facility[XP] or third party burner set to run?

In XP the request comes up top left in Root directory " Burn Files to CD"
Third Party programs need to be actuated, with the exception of Neros 'InCD' which allows a drive with a R-RW to act as a floppy drive.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:49 03 May 05

Do you have

a: A CD - RW disk (rewritable)?

and b: Packet writing software, such as Nero's InCD?

  Vimal 11:34 03 May 05

Just noticed that when I put a CD into the D (DVDRW) XP tries to auto play but not for E(CDRW)?

Just copied my "Documents and Settings" manually onto a CD in D and worked but not E?

Any ideas?


  Joe R 11:48 03 May 05


I f you have more than a single partition on your H/D, it can cause problems with shortcuts etc.

Have you tried inserting the cd, clicking on my computer, and running it from there.?

  Vimal 17:04 03 May 05

Joe R

only have one partition on Hard Drive.

Drive D recognises DVD, Audio & Data

Drive E recognises Audio & Data. it also reads the copy CD which I did on D

Any ideas or do I forget this backup method????

  selfbuild 19:18 03 May 05

Which is the default rewriter according your burning software?

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