Works WP - add smaller fonts?

  Trikie 23:01 17 Nov 08

The smallest font in Word is 8. Is there any way to add 4 and 6?


  Sea Urchin 23:13 17 Nov 08

Do you mean Works or Word?

  MAJ 23:13 17 Nov 08

Highlight the text, enter 4 or 6 into the font size box on the toolbar and press Return.

  Sea Urchin 23:17 17 Nov 08

In fact on second thoughts the answer is the same for both. Instead of clicking on the drop down menu for point size click in the box to highlight the number there. Type 6 (or 4) and then hit Enter.

  Sea Urchin 23:18 17 Nov 08

.....forgot to refresh before posting, so didn't see your reply - good that we both agree though.

  Trikie 23:28 17 Nov 08

Sorry everyone - it's Works, (the cheapie one)and the drop down box smallest is 8.

  MAJ 23:34 17 Nov 08

There are a few ways to do it as I'm sure you're aware, but just for future reference:

1. As we describe above in both Works and Word.
2. Highlight the text and go to Format > Text and enter 4 or 6 in the text size box and click OK. Works in both Works and Word.
3. A nice shortcut in Word, but it doesn't work in Works; Highlight the text, hold down the Ctrl key and tap the [ key to reduce font size and the ] key to increase the font size.

  MAJ 23:35 17 Nov 08

Highlight the 8 in the dropdown box and change it to 4 or 6.

  Trikie 15:06 19 Nov 08

Thanks. I've tried all the suggestions but no joy.

Is there any separate program of text styles that I can load?

  ^wave^ 15:19 19 Nov 08

having looked at both word and works they both seem to have the smallest as 8 point maybe thats the default smalles size

  MAJ 16:30 19 Nov 08

..... I've just tried it again and I have no special fonts installed. I'm using Word 2003 and Works 8. I even printed it out from both applications just to be sure, I needed a magnifing glass to see the 4pt font.

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